Paint Like a Pro

Posted by Lisa Romano // April 14, 2015

Painting interior walls is the easiest way to freshen up your place. It’s a great idea to “Do It Yourself” to save money and the personal touch can go a long way in making the house your home. But when it comes to painting, skipping or rushing can make a huge difference between a great […]

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Family Spring Break Fun

Posted by Lisa Romano // March 24, 2015

With spring break on the horizon, you might be wondering what to do with your kids during that time off from school. There are so many fun activities for kids of all ages to try in the Connecticut area that will keep them smiling. Connecticut offers both indoor and outdoor options: museums, zoos, nature centers, […]

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Spring is in the Air

Posted by Lisa Romano // March 17, 2015

Spring is just around the corner, and many people love this season for its sunshine, warm breezes, and blooming flowers. Robin Williams said it best: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!” As winter bids farewell and the days start warming and brightening, energy and enthusiasm fills the air. Spring brings the desire to […]

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Pros and Cons of Buying a Foreclosure

Posted by Lisa Romano // March 11, 2015

Buying a foreclosed home can be a great steal or potential pitfall. On one hand you may get a spectacular bargain. Yet on the other hand there are a number of things that could be wrong with it. We will examine the pros and cons of buying a foreclosed home. The primary reason to purchase […]

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Posted by Lisa Romano // March 3, 2015

Most of us have experienced the occasion of new neighbors moving into our neighborhoods.  You were probably someone’s new neighbor at some point too.  Moving can be an intimidating and daunting prospect… not knowing whether or not you and your family will love the new surroundings.  But there are friendly gestures that can help new […]

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3 Ways To Get The Best Mortgage Deal

Posted by Lisa Romano // February 24, 2015

At one point or another most people are faced with the prospect of trying to obtain a mortgage. This can be a daunting task; how do you know when you are getting a great deal?  We have a few suggestions for you.   The first piece of advice we have for you is to make […]

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Posted by Lisa Romano // February 10, 2015

What’s the biggest myth you’ve heard about real estate? You’ve probably heard many things from the best time to sell to kickbacks and commissions. There’s plenty of misinformation you’re likely to be fed by friends, family, and even real estate agents. Buyers and sellers assume what they’re told to be true, but often it’s based […]

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Don’t Let Your Walls Go Naked This Winter!

Posted by Lisa Romano // January 27, 2015

Are you desperate to banish your naked walls and give your room some life?  Are you afraid that the only solution is sobbing quietly while you raise your paddle at an expensive art auction?  Well, good news!  You can stop staring at empty walls and add character and personality to any room with completely doable, cheap, […]

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5 Home, Sweet Home Tax Breaks

Posted by Lisa Romano // January 19, 2015

Ready for a riddle?  What begins in January, has to be done every year, and ends in a harsh April deadline?  Well, get out the calculator, because the answer is TAX SEASON!  Many Americans are thinking about the normal thrills and chills of the filing season and hoping it gets wrapped up with money back. […]

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New Year, Fresh Start

Posted by Lisa Romano // January 5, 2015

Once again, we’ve reached that time of year – New Year’s resolutions time.  During this time we all spend the week energizing and motivating ourselves to be better in some way.  Some people are frustrated with their weight and vow that this is the year of working out and shedding pounds; while others resolve to […]

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